Akuyaku Reijou Level 99: Watashi wa Ura-Boss desu ga Maou dewa Arimasen

1 Seasons - 8 Episodes

2024 ON AIR 24 min 352

This college kid wants nothing more than a quiet life. So when she's reborn as Yumiella, the hidden villainess of an Otome RPG, she's not exactly thrilled. Still yearning for peace, she abandons her evil duties to live a more discreet life. Until her gamer side kicks in, and she accidentally reaches level 99! Now, everyone suspects that she's the infamous Demon Lord. What future awaits her?

Genre: Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Cast: Azumi Waki, Fairouz Ai, Haruki Ishiya, Kohei Amasaki, Rina Hidaka, Taku Yashiro, Yuma Uchida

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