Bu Shi Bu Mie

1 Seasons - 7 Episodes

2023 ON AIR 94

In an attempt to understand the fundamentals of martial arts, a common young man in a small town is duped by someone, goes through a terrible romantic relationship, and becomes embroiled in a disagreement within the martial arts community. Others wrong him because of who he is. He sets off on a quest to battle the heavens while fighting to survive and gradually regains memories of his past existence. He gains the most priceless love and the deepest friendship along this journey. He endures innumerable hardships and the possibility of dying, yet he never wavers from who he is. No matter how formidable his opponents are, he never backs down in his struggle for justice, himself, and his destiny.(Bstation)

Genre: Animation

Cast: Haojia Li, Lifeng Lu, Na Cai, Qigang Chen, Ruoban Liu, Shuiyu Tang, Sicen Liu, Wen jingyuan, Wentao Chang, Wenxiao He, Xing Kaixin, Yang Mo


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