I'm a Sword Immortal

1 Seasons - 0 Episodes

2023 ENDED 9 min 71

In the Cang Yun Realm, immortals and devils are constantly fighting with each other. Xu Changqing was born in Qinglian Sword Valley and wanted to be a sword immortal, but it did not last long. Later, the Immortal Sword of Kunlun, Qiu Wu Ya, arrives and repels the demon and brings Xu Chang Qing and Mu Zixiang to Kunlun. The real people of Kunlun tried to take away the Green Lotus Emperor Sword, but Qiu Wu Ya stopped them. Xu Changqing awakened his own immortal spirit "Chaos Gathering Spirit Tablet" and was accepted by Qiu Wu Ya as his disciple. In the Immortal Sword Competition, Xu Changqing defeats Xia Qinghou to win the championship and obtains the qualification to enter the forbidden land of Kunlun. In order to find the Fountain of Youth that can revive his grandfather, Xu chooses to enter the dangerous forbidden land of Kunlun.(DeepL)

Genre: Animation


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