Tunshi Xingkong 2nd Season

1 Seasons - 16 Episodes

2020 ON AIR 150

On the Earth, a catastrophe triggered the variation of all kinds of species. The superior survived and the inferior were extinct. Under this circumstance, Luo Feng inherited from the owner of Yunmo Star and became one of the three strongest people on the Earth. He lost his flesh during the fight against giant swallowed monster but then he took the flesh of the monster. In the flesh, he developed a human body. Later, he stepped out of the Earth and headed to the universe.

Director: Wo Chi Xihongshi

Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Cast: Chanfei Li, Ruoyu Zhang, Vin Zhang, Wang Xiaobing, Wu Lei, Xie Ying, Xin Zhang, Yuze Sang, Zhao Qianjing, Zhihao Su

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