Feng Huo Zhan Ji

1 Seasons - 15 Episodes

2023 ENDED 18 min 38

In a future world, a new regime has been established on a distant human-inhabited planet. However, a rebellious force composed of machines rises unexpectedly and takes control of a strategically important mining town under human dominion. In order to eliminate the leader of the enemy, the commander of the Intelligence Center, Jifeng, sends his younger brother, Xinghuo, on a mission to the mining town. Unexpectedly, the mission fails, and from that point on, the two brothers find themselves being drawn into an unforeseen direction. A massive conspiracy emerges, subverting their understanding of the world, their enemies, and their comrades. As they come to their senses, the once inseparable brothers now find themselves standing on opposing sides...(Cgpt)

Genre: Animation


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