Shi Fang Wu Sheng

1 Seasons - 7 Episodes

2023 ON AIR 102

The world was in disarray and the people were in grave difficulties in the desolation of Doomsday, the third year of King Shizong's rule. The Demon Gate Demon Party lurks in the shadows, wreaking havoc. The gangs attack each other, causing mayhem. Various sects developed one after the other in the pandemonium, battling for resources and territory and establishing their own control. There are ambitious people who want to rule the globe and create a dynasty, and there are good people who wish to help the common people. Wei He carries the realm-breaking bead, which allows him to travel through tumultuous periods and construct his own mythology step by step.(Bstation)

Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation

Cast: Joseph, Lü Qi, Xingliner, Xiniyi Pang, Yuze Han


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