Tadaima, Okaeri

1 Seasons - 12 Episodes

2024 ON AIR 24 min 278

Masaki Fujiyoshi is a stay-at-home spouse and parent. He has fought long and hard with feelings of being a burden to his loving husband, Hiromu, due to his status as an omega—and the difficulty they faced to achieve this domesticity. When their son, Hikari, was born, the family moved to an area better suited for raising children.

Despite their newfound domestic bliss, the family's ties to their past are in tatters. There are people they left behind to pursue the creation of their happy family, and when they begin to return, Masaki and Hiromu aren't quite sure they have good intentions.

Genre: Animation

Cast: Atsumi Tanezaki, Atsushi Tamaru, Toshiyuki Morikawa

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