Araiguma Rascal

1 Seasons - 2 Episodes

1977 ENDED 26 min 52

The story is set in 1914 in Breisford in Wisconsin, near Lake Koshgonong. One spring day the little Sterling finds in the forest a raccoon cub whose mother has just been killed by a hunter; He decides to treat him and keep him by giving him the name Rascal. The boy and the raccoon become inseparable friends from that day, although Sterling soon realizes, after a series of small disasters that Rascal causes in the gardens of neighbors, that cohabitation between men and wild animals can sometimes be very difficult . Thus began the last unforgettable year of Sterling childhood, punctuated by small and big adventures with its large Rascal friends, Oscar and Alice among the animals she loves so much, but marked by the death of the mother and the financial ruin of the father who lost almost all that he has to repay debts.

Genre: Animation, Drama

Cast: Masako Nozawa, Masato Yamanouchi, Michiko Hada, Toshihiko Utsumi, Yoshiko Matsuo


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